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Are we all at risk due to "Global Warming"?

  ☑ Why is "Global Warming" important to know? ✊ The world is shaking with fever, are you still sitting? The Cracks in the Arctic Ocean! According to a special report, "If the sea level rises by one meter, 22,889 sq km of land will be submerged." According to computer technology and specialized scientific data, global warming will continue to increase by 2.5 ° -5.5 ° C by the end of the 21st century. ☑ The Causes of Global Warming: - Greenhouse effect, excessive consumerism, excessive factory smoke, etc. Has made the world sicker. Today, the world is facing a great catastrophe. On the other hand, deforestation and desertification have become the cause of more panic. ☑  Effects of Global Warming: - As a result of global warming, the world is facing various difficulties. Such as - Earthquakes, various diseases, and disorders, along with increasing rainfall, drought (No Rainfall), etc. The Earth's weight layer (called protector) is leaking. Biodiversity is declin

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