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Dadhichi Muni's contribution to the protection of religion:

☑ Today's topic is from the "Mahabharata" about Brahmarshi Dadhichi, who gave his Asthi (bones) to defend the religion: 

☐ Sage Dadhichi gave his Asthi (bones) for religion. Three bows were made of his bones. (One) Gandib, (two) Pinak, (three) Sarang. 
First, Pandava son Arjuna got the Gandib, Due to whose power Arjuna won the battle of Mahabharata.
Second, Pinak was with Lord Shiva. Later Ravan got this from Lord Shiva due to make Lord shiva please through his austerities.
Third, Saranga with which Lord Ramachandra in the Treta era won the battle and destroyed the tyranny of Ravana.

Image credit: by Hindu mythological stories from google

☐ But Ravana left his Pinak at Janakpuri due to no bear the burden of it for a long time. Kumari Sita always maintained and worshiped this Pinak. This Pinak alias the Har bow(Har Dhanuk) is broken by Ramachandra and Lord Ramachandra married Sita Devi.

A thunderbolt called Ekaghni was made from the bones of Brahmarshi Dadhichi, which was obtained by Lord Indra. This thunderbolt called Ekaghni was given to Karna by Indra due to satisfaction of Karna's austerities. In the Mahabharata, Ghatotkacha who was a majestic son of Bhim was killed by Karna with the help of this Ekaghni thunder. Also, many more weapons were made by the bones(Asthi) of Dadhichi Muni.

☐ This was today's topic with the contribution of  Sage Dadhichi Muni in defending the Sanatan Hindu Religion.

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