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How was Mahaprasad created on the earth?

  Today we will learn from the traditional Hindu religion how Mahaprasad (Mahabhog) was created in the world: 

☐ One day Narad Muni had a great desire to receive the great Prasad (Blessings) of Lord Narayana. But it was very impossible because no one can accept Narayan's Prasad except Mother Lakshmi, so he, In other words, Narad Muni started austerities ( penance)to please Goddess Lakshmi in the hope of getting this Mahaprasad. 

MahaPrasad of Pravu Jagannath
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Then after twelve long years of austerities, Goddess Lakshmi was pleased and said to Narad Muni, "I am completely satisfied with your austerities. Tell me, what felicity do you want from me?". In her reply, Munibar said that he wants to get Narayan's Prasad! Goddess Mother Lakshmi fell into great danger, meanwhile, Narad Muni has to be facilitated again, so she said "Tathastu" and said, "Okay you wait here, at the end of Narayan's meal, you will get his prasad".After a long wait, when Narad Muni received the offering, he was overjoyed. 

He then proceeded towards Kailash saying "Narayan" "Narayan" in the rhythm of the harp. When Narad Muni reached there and then Lord Shiva wanted to know the reason for his happiness, Narad Muni then described all the events in detail. After hearing all the events, Shiva also expressed his desire to get Narayan's Prasad. Narad Muni said that he has taken the entire Prasad, now the way? Then Narad Muni looked at his own hand and saw that there was a little bit of prasad in one side of his hand. What Mahadev did then, he washed this little bit of prasad with water and drank it. 

The taste of that Prasada(Offering) was such that after taking it, Shiva started dancing Tandava with joy. Meanwhile, Mother Parvati thought to herself in the sound of Tandav dance that the time of the destruction of the world has not come yet, but why did her husband Lord Shiva start Tandav dance. Goddess Parvati went to Shiva and asked Mahadev to give the reason that why this Tandav dance suddenly, and Shiva described all the events in detail. 

What is Mahaprasad?
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Then Mother Parvati said that she also wants to get Narayan's Prasad, but now it is not possible in any way. The goddess then became arrogant, wondering why her husband, despite being Shiva's wife, had not offered her Prasad and accepted Narayan's Prasad (offering) alone. Then mother Parvati started austerities(Penance) for Narayan. Satisfied with the goddess's austerities, and Narayan visited her and said, "Say, Parvati, what felicity (bardan)do you want?". 

Then Mother Parvati said, "Hey Narayan, you know everything. But my prayer is that everyone in the world is my child (Devotees). Hey God, leaving my children (devotees), how it could ever be possible to receive your prasad. My prayer is that everyone in the world gets your Mahaprasad".In her reply, the Lord said, "When I will reside in the form of Jagannath in Kalikal, I will distribute my Prasad to all in the form of Mahaprasad and that Prasad will be given to you first and then to all."

So if you are visiting Puri in India, you will see that there is a temple of Mother Bimala Devi alias Parvati Devi next to the temple of Jagannath Dev. So there the Mahaprasad of Jagannath Devi is first given to Goddess Parvati then that Mahaprasad is distributed among all the commemorators. This was the subject of today's Mahaprasad.

(Taken from "Vaishnava Poetry Collection")

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