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Why is the name "Radha" used before the name of Lord Krishna?

God is Lord Krishna Himself, yet why is the name "Radha" used before the name of Lord Krishna? Today we will know from the traditional Hindu religion: Why is the name of Radha Rani, which means Radhakrishna is called before the name of Sri Krishna?

☐ God always wants to see his devotees grow. When one calls on the name of God with the name of his devotees, God is more pleased. Such as Lord Krishna, his
Devotees address him as Yashodanandan, Nander Nandan, etc. Mrs. Radharani is the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna so the name of Radharani is pronounced before the name of Lord Krishna. In the case of all living beings in this world, one has to apply force to one or another action. As Lord Krishna is omnipotent, He can show his inner energy, so he has manifested the inner energy as external energy in the form of Mrs. Radharani. Even though he is Atmaram, he gets a lot of pleasure through this energy.
Radha Krishna by apurba-paul
 Image by VISHAL KUMAR from Pixabay

 In Sri "Chaitanya Charitamrita" it is said, "Radha is full energy, Krishna is full powerful!" There is no difference between the two objects, one is full power and another is powerful (Shastra Paraman Chai, Cha A-4/96), meaning that Mrs. Radharani is full power and Lord Krishna is powerful, there is no difference between the two of them, it has been proved in the scriptures. 
☐ That is, just as fire cannot be used without heat, so also one cannot be powerful by excluding power, so the name of Radha Rani is added before the name of Krishna.

Radha Krishna by apurba-paul
Image by Mark Bradley from Pixabay 

☐ "Harekrishna, Harekrishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare."

It was today's topic.

☐ (Taken From  "Vaishnava Padavali Collection")

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