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The birth story of the goddess 'Mansa' and preaching of worship:

  Today's topic is from one of the popular epics of Bengali Literature "Manasamangal": -

Manasa is a mythical Hindu goddess. Goddess Manasa is mentioned in many other Puranas including Bhagavata Purana. This worship is prevalent mainly in the rural areas of Bengal and some other parts of North and North East India. This goddess is also considered by many to be the goddess of non-Aryans. It is mentioned that Manasa Nag (serpent) is the goddess of the family (Sarpa Kul). Therefore, the people of rural Bengal used to worship this goddess for the purpose of preventing snake bites, curing snake bites, procreation, and gaining wealth.

Worship story of Goddess Manasa
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Method of worship: - There is a custom of worship by placing the pot(Manasha Ghat) of Manasa.

The birth story of the goddess: -Mansa is the sister of Nagraj Basuki and the wife of sage Jaratkaru. According to the Puranas, Manasa is the recognized daughter of Shiva. Goddess Chandi (Shiva's wife Parvati) denied Manasa at first, but later she was pleased with Manasa's attributes and recognized her as her daughter. It is mentioned in the writings of some writers that Rishi Kashyap, not Shiva, was the father of Manasa, and Rishi Astik was her son. We know Manasa as Bishahari or Bishahara (poison destroyer), Nitya (eternal), and Padmavati.

Although she is described as a devotee, she is ruthless and vindictive in refusing to worship her. Prove of this can be found in his vows (stories of attaining divinity, preaching glory, and worship). The full divinity of Manasa was initially denied due to birth-related. So her purpose was to establish her authority as a goddess and to build a devotional congregation. Today's topic from "Manasamangal" was "Creation of Mother Manasa and the method of worship".

☐ This is taken from"Manasamangal Kavya" which is under "Mangal Kavya" and "Mangal Kavya" is taken from Padmapuran.

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