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What are the 18 names of Gita and its greatness?

☑ Today we will know from the traditional Hindu religion "18 great names(নাম) in the Gita":-

 ✊  *18 names of Gita and its greatness:

1) Ganga(গঙ্গা ): - This means that if a person dives into the Ganges, he can destroy all his sins, so, first of all, we give the name of Ganga.

2) Gita(গীতা): - The person who recites the Gita at that moment all his sins are destroyed, so the name of the Gita is taken here.

3) Savitri(সাবিত্রী): - Savitri was so chaste that we all know that she brought back the life of her dead husband so Savitri has been mentioned here.

What are the 18 names of Gita and its greatness?
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4) Sita(সীতা): - Lord Sri Ramachandra's wife is Sita, mother Sita was so holy that Ravan could not destroy it even after hundreds of attempts, so the name Sita is very holy.

5) Truth(সত্যা): - Truth has been spoken of our soul. Almost all of us know that the soul is as immortal as the Gita.

6) Patibrata(পতিব্রতা ): - Patibrata means to be loyal to God. Because the only God is the husband of all and we are all his wives.

7) Brahmabali( ব্রহ্মাবলি): - The energy emanating from Brahmashakti is called Brahmabali. That energy is never destroyed.

8) Theology(ব্রহ্মবিদ্যা): - Can we say that theology is similar to Brahma sacrifice.

9) Trisandhya(ত্রিসন্ধ্যা): - Trisandhya means the sum of three periods. Namely this world, the present tense, and the hereafter.

10) Muktigrihini(মুক্তিগ্রিহীনি): - It is possible to be liberated only by reciting the Gita, so it has been given the name Muktigrihini.

11) Half dimension(অর্ধমাত্রা): - In the Gita, God says that the Gita is half of it, so it has been used in this sense.

12) Chirananda(চিরানন্দা): - Chirananda is the joy of the world.

13) Bhavagni(ভবগ্নী): - (Bhav + Agni) Just as fire burns gold and turns it into pure gold, so can the Gita atone for all the sins of our Bhav / body.

14) Nashini (ভ্রান্তি নাশিনী): - We are confused and fascinated by all the things around us. Another mantra in the Gita can destroy this delusion.

15. Veda trio(বেদ ত্রয়ী): - The Veda trio is the power formed by the combination of Tribes.

16) Parananda (পরানন্দ):- There is joy in seeing the good side of others without judging their faults. His words are spoken in the Gita.

 (17-18)Tattvartha-nganamanjari(তত্ত্বার্থ-ঙ্গানমঞ্জরী): - Gita is the basis of all knowledge and science of the world. So we can call it a knowledge grant.

"This was the greatness of the 18 names of the Gita today."

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