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Who is "Albert Einstein" and why he was "Nobel laureate"?

☑ Nobel laureate Scientist Albert Einstein: 

In this article, we will know about the life of the great scientist Albert Einstein from the childhood stories of the Nobel laureates. Many wonders if he is the greatest scientist of all time. Again, many say that without him we might not be able to see that horrible picture of Hiroshima-Nagasaki. Occasionally there was a storm of controversy surrounding him. Now we should understand who he is. 
Who is "Albert Einstein" and why he was "Nobel laureate"?
He is the greatest scientist Albert Einstein. Despite being such a great scientist with the greatest identity, he was a common man by heart. He rose to the pinnacle of success in life. He had to leave the country due to political turmoil. He even received death letters from time to time. However, Einstein was adamant from all sides. 
He believed in the sense of the humanity of the people. He wanted peace, not war, until the last consciousness of life. But it is bad to think that his name has been associated with the atomic bomb blast.

☑ Birth Story: Albert was born on March 14, 1969, in the province of Ulm in Bravia. At the age of one, his family moved to the beautifully decorated city of Munich. Einstein's family settled in Munich. Albert's golden childhood was spent in a beautiful house in Munich. Albert's sister Mazar was born when he was only two years old. Albert was a curvy boy. When he got everyone in the house together, he didn't want anything else.
Who is "Albert Einstein" and why he was "Nobel laureate"?

☑ Albert's mother "Pauline" loved to sing. He also played the violin. Albert mastered playing the violin from his mother. Even when he was a world-renowned scientist, he would sit alone and play the violin whenever he got the opportunity.
Albert believed that the violin was the real essence of life. Every evening there was a cultural event at home. Dad and uncle's friends used to come. Poetry lessons, political discussions, how much more! Albert was only five years old when he fell into sickness for a while. Albert always had new toys when he was sick. One day his father gave him a naval compass.

Albert was overjoyed and became curious as to how this naval compass was working. The movement of the compass thorn surprised him. Albert had an inquisitive mind since childhood. Most of the time he used to disturb his parents by asking innumerable questions. From the sky to the earth, from the desert to the oasis, from the green grass to the flying butterflies were all the subject of Albert's question.

At the age of 10, he enrolled at the Lyutpole Gymnasium in Munich. He had already made great strides in his studies. Albert was happy when other boys were afraid to see the math. Math was his favorite subject. He came in contact with a gentleman named "Max Ptolemy" to learn math. He Loved Albert very much. In addition to math, the school taught Greek and Latin. At that time, the atmosphere in Munich changed completely. Four years have passed and unbearable pain has gripped my chest. The situation in the whole province of Bavaria was then critical. Bavaria has joined the United German Union. At that time, The war between France and Germany.

✋ The creative moments of life seem to be lost somewhere. The financial situation of the family gradually deteriorated. Then recently, the parents thought that it would not be possible to stay in Munich. We have to go somewhere else. Then they came to the town named "Milan". Albert arrived in Milan a few days later but did not receive a "diploma"; Because he could not finish the basic education of "Gymnasium". He liked the city of Milan very much. There are mountains of Alps to the north of this city in northern Italy. "Milan" is an old city and it has a long tradition. Albert wanted to go out of Germany to study.
Who is "Albert Einstein" and why he was "Nobel laureate"?

So he studied at Arau School. The atmosphere of "Arau" was really beautiful. A small river is running along the serene and gentle countryside. Albert likes the environment of Zurich. There he became acquainted with a Hungarian girl, Mileva Maris. However, at that time their economic condition was not very good and they often had to work without eating anything.

☑ The Later life: - He finished school in Zurich. Albert thought he would go to Switzerland because he would have to take a job this time, If not, how would he handle the family! In the end, Albert is in the world of work.
He applied to join the Polytechnic School of Zurich. He is Jewish by religion so his appeal was rejected. He repeatedly asked the question in an angry voice but who will give the correct answer! Last year, Albert Einstein, a famous scientist of the future, was forced to work as a clerk in the patent office in Bern, Switzerland. And the research work was going on along with this.
Albert's new life began. With the publication of the theory of relativity in 1905, his name spread all over the world.
In the meantime, he had to leave Zaman and take refuge in America. He accepted the citizenship of that country. Received the Nobel Prize. You will be even more surprised to hear that his name has been proposed eight times between 1910-1921 AD. He is the name of an Indian scientist, Satyendranath Bose, then an atomic bomb exploded in the heart of Japan at the end of World War II. But Einstein never dreamed that his discovery would one day extinguish the light of human life.

☑ Last Life: -He was remorseful for this incident till his death. On April 17, 1955, Albert Einstein crossed the land of the stars in the distant sky, by leaving the illusion of this world.
This is what the great scientist Albert Einstein, calls him the most wonderful character in the history of world science. Born: 14th March 1879 Died: 17th April 1955.

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