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Are we all at risk due to "Global Warming"?

 ☑ Why is "Global Warming" important to know?

✊ The world is shaking with fever, are you still sitting?
The Cracks in the Arctic Ocean! According to a special report, "If the sea level rises by one meter, 22,889 sq km of land will be submerged."
According to computer technology and specialized scientific data, global warming will continue to increase by 2.5 ° -5.5 ° C by the end of the 21st century.
Are we all at risk due to "Global Warming"?

The Causes of Global Warming: - Greenhouse effect, excessive consumerism, excessive factory smoke, etc. Has made the world sicker. Today, the world is facing a great catastrophe. On the other hand, deforestation and desertification have become the cause of more panic.

☑ Effects of Global Warming: - As a result of global warming, the world is facing various difficulties. Such as - Earthquakes, various diseases, and disorders, along with increasing rainfall, drought (No Rainfall), etc. The Earth's weight layer (called protector) is leaking. Biodiversity is declining.
Are we all at risk due to "Global Warming"?

Remedies of Global Warming: - We often troll about Uganda but how much do we know about this country? What I like best is that one of the laws of this country is that "one tree must be cut down and three trees must be planted".
I applaud this law and it must be strictly enforced in every country.

The world needs to be reduced this fever (global warming) as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of coal, petrol, and natural gas as little as possible and use renewable energy (such as solar energy, wind energy, water flow, energy, etc.). The use of substances that produce greenhouse gases should be reduced.
The use of CFC emitting types of equipment should be reduced. The Plants need to be planted in large quantities to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Many researchers point out that consumerism is a major factor in global warming.
Why is "Global Warming" important to know?
✋ Author / Professor Jorge Majfud writes in his article "The Pandemy of Consumerism" trying to reduce environmental pollution without reducing consumerism is like combating drug trafficking without reducing drug addiction. "
(Reducing environmental pollution without reducing consumerism is like trying to reduce drug trafficking without reducing drug addiction) So it is important for us to control the attitude of consumerism. And a lot of awareness is needed for this. We all should try to heal the world from our own place as well as plant lots of trees.

Finally, I would like to say in tune with Sukant Bhattacharya ----
"The new baby has arrived, he has to be left the place;
Failed on earth, dead and in ruins
  We have to leave.
I will leave
Yet as long as there is life in the body,
Earnestly this earth's waste,
I will make this world livable for this child
  This is my firm commitment to the newborn".

✋ "Only by loving nature, we can be real human beings and the best of living beings."
We have to save the world from a new catastrophe by planting lots and lots of trees.
  the immense fever in the world today !!
And what about you ??

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