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What is "Panic Attack"?

 ☑ What is a "Panic Attack" and how does it happen in our lives?

(We all need to know what a panic attack is. Because if you can't get rid of the panic attack, people will stop living a normal life, which can even force people to the brink of death.)

"Panic attack" is a "psychology symptom".When a person gets panicked or worried and has some abnormal symptoms, such as feeling heavy in the throat, cold hands, and feet, fear of death, body trembling, tingling in the teeth, etc, then we call him a panic attack. This panic attack is considered normal if it happens once or twice a year, but if this panic attack happens repeatedly in a year or month then it is called "panic disorder". 

What is "Panic Attack"?

"Panic disorder" is a kind of mental illness that causes panic in a person. Generally, the duration of each panic attack is 10 to 15 minutes but in some cases, it can also be 30 to 60 minutes. Commonly the Panic attacks happen more comparatively in women than men. It can happen at any age (especially between the ages of 13-19). Jacob Mendes DA COSTA (1833-1900) saw a problem among the soldiers after the American Civil War and called it "Irritable Heart Syndrome".This is known as "Da Costa Syndrome", and later this is renamed as "panic disorder".

☑ Causes of Panic Attack: - Every human being has anxiety naturally. People suffer from panic attacks when that anxiety becomes more than a level of limit. Although there are many risk factors behind panic attacks or panic disorders, it is mainly due to the imbalance of various chemical elements and hormones in the brain. As well as various side controllers, such as the Death of the nearest person, unwanted situation, family pressure, any horrible memory or accident. etc. Again, this may be due to heredity.

What is "Panic Attack"

☑ Symptoms of Panic Attack: - 

1. Tingling in the hands and feet, 

2. Pain in the chest, 

3. Palpitation of the chest, 

4. Fainting all over the body, 

5. Sweating profusely, 

6. Fear and panic unnecessarily, 

7. Feeling lifeless to any animal in the vicinity, 

8. Sometimes not understanding oneself, 

9. Dizziness, 

10. Fear of the crowd area. Etc.

☑ Ways to Survive Panic Attacks: - 

1. Relaxation Training or Breathing Exercises:- The patient should breathe properly and relax the body properly before the possibility of a panic attack.

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy: - This therapy removes the patient's misconceptions.

3. Desensitisation: - Through this, the patient's terrible thoughts are removed and normal thoughts are brought back.

4. Family Therapy: - Here the patient's family is warned so that every member of the family treats the patient normally and as well as they cooperate with the patient so that the patient can feel them supportive.

  Also, the rules by which panic attacks can be controlled are -----------

5. Yoga Bam: - Such as Sukhasana, Bhujangasana, Bhadrasana, Vajrasana, Shavasana, Utkutasana, Matsasana, Triconasana, etc., if you do every day, you can stay away from panic attacks.

6. Pranayama: -Anulom-Bilom, Kapalbhati, Shitali Pranayama, etc. Pranayama shots can be free from panic attacks.

3. Meditation: - Practice meditation for 40-45minit’s per day is very effective for Panic Disorder.


Prayers five times (Five times prayers as in Islamic religion) per day are also very effective for panic disorder.

 ✋ Also, seek treatment from a specialized physiologist.

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