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Introduction of the Black Hole | Clear Concept of Black Hole:

☑ Introduction of the Black Hole: ☑ The Clear Concept of Black Hole: ☑ The horrors of Black Holes:

☑ Introduction of the Black Hole:

We see an object only when the light falling on that object is reflected and falls on our eyes. This reflected light is called 'Apparent Magnitude', and the star's own light is 'Absolute Magnitude'."Sirius" is the brightest star that catches our eyes. Which is 22 million times brighter than the Sun, with a brightness of -1.46 scale. It is located 8.6 lightyears away. The brightest star in the universe is R136a1 with a brightness of -12.86. 86 times brighter than the sun. When such a large star dies, occurs Gamma-Ray Burst, which is also known as 'Supernova' / 'Hypernova'.

Introduction of the Black Hole | Clear Concept of Black Hole:

The light produced by it is so bright that it is equal to the brightness of the sun in all its life. There is a star very close to our solar system that will burst in the near future: its name is WR104 which is 7500 lightyears away from the earth, but if its gamma-ray falls on the earth for 10 seconds then our ozone layer will be lost by 25%, Which will cause a catastrophe on the earth (scientists estimate). We can't even see it with the naked eye. Even then, the brightest process is called a Black Hole. There is no similarity between the name and its brightness. This process happens so fast that the light gets stuck in it and cannot escape. We know that a hot object gets brightness for METAFICTION. The scattering of this light is called a 'quasar'.

The name of The first visible quasar is 3C273, which has a brightness -26.7 scale, which is ten times brighter than our milky way galaxy. This quasar is in the center of the galaxy because there is a black hole named supermassive.

Introduction of the Black Hole | Clear Concept of Black Hole:

☑ The Clear Concept of Black Hole:

In a study entitled 1783 John Michell dark star stated that - "If an object is small enough in size and mass enough, it is not possible for anything to escape its force of attraction. Even light can be stuck forever." The same idea is held by the scientist Marquis de Laplace in his book The System of the World.

John Wheeler introduced us to the black hole in 1967.

After Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, Karl Schwarzschild came up with a mathematical solution for such objects.

Then, in the 1930s, three researchers named Oppenheimer, Vol Cock, and Cinder proved that when a massive enough star loses all its energy, it has no external pressure on its nucleus, so it pulls on its own gravity. In this way the concept of the black hole is clear.

☑ The horrors of Black Holes:

Through the Big Bang cosmology, scientists have discovered that the entire universe began about 13.7 billion years ago and is still undergoing an expansion and cooling process. A force is needed to cause two things to collapse(Friction) or explode. The force behind the creation of the Big Bang is the root cause of everything. And this is the reason that made the beginning of everything. And the one who caused this Big Bang is the Big Banger. He is the Creator. At least all the atheist and Believer scientists in the world have agreed that - no! At one time the Universe had no existence.

Introduction of the Black Hole | Clear Concept of Black Hole:

It has come into existence, and when it came into existence there is a reason. And the most dangerous revelation of this universe is the black hole. Even though so many black holes have spread across the universe in such horrible forms, our green earth has been fine for billions of years. Isn't this the great control of the great creator?

To me, the brightest part of this universe is my young generation, the forerunners of the civilization that are scattered all over the world! And the darkest side is some social black hole, which is really deep darkness. Such as drug addiction, some superstitions, child discrimination, narrow-minded talk, gambling, excessive consumerism, etc.

Introduction of the Black Hole | Clear Concept of Black Hole:

These social black holes are devouring the younger generation. I believe that even if the star WR104 bursts in the near future, from its gramma ray our earth may survive under the control of the great creator. But civilization is facing a big question - will these really attract the young generation of civilization? So my message to the younger generation, when you all felt the existence of the Creator, it is wise to follow his directions. Otherwise, whose loss?
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