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* Parashuram, an immortal character in the epic * | Sixth Avatar of God Vishnu

☑ In this article we will know about the life of Parshuram, an immortal character of the epic, and who is Parshuram?

● The poet Michael Madhusudan said in one of his writings in Bengali, "You have to die if birth, who, where  is the immortal?"  Knowing this to be true, people have been chasing immortality all their lives.  Among the few immortals in Hindu mythology, one of the most interesting characters is - * Parashuram *, we know about Parashuram in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Parashuram,Sixth avatar of God Vishnu

⮽ The birth story of Parashuram  (Bhagwan Parshuram date of birth):

Sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka had five children.  Basu, Biswas Basu, Brihat-Vanu, Brihat-Kanb and Parashuram ৷ Parashuram was their youngest son.  There are various stories about the life of Parshuram.  According to the Bhagavata Purana, at one time the influence of Kshatriya kings in society increased a lot.  Exhausted by their oppression, they all complained to Brahma and Vishnu.  Parashurama was born of Brahma and Vishnu's praying and blessing to subdue the Kshatriyas.

Parashuram, an immortal character in the epic * | Sixth Avatar of God Vishnu

● Became Kshatriya although he is a Brahmin:

When all his children were engaged in the practice of Veda-Vedanta in the ashram of Maharshi Jamadagni, Parashuram had no interest in it, but he was more focused on learning the technique of bow and arrow.  Parashuram has known since birth that he was born to punish the Kshatriyas.  So from a young age, he became arrogant, angry, and vindictive.  He started severe austerities to get weapons from the gods.  In his austerities, the wicked Brahma gave him several weapons.  He appeased Mahadev and got the weapon of the ax.  From then on his name was Parashuram.  His real name was Ram.  Gradually he became a strong warrior.  So it can be said that Parashuram was born in a Brahmin house but he is a Kshatriya in deeds.  He is known as the first warrior Brahmin.

● He was cursed to kill her mother:

 One day sage Jamadagni was busy organizing Yajna. Wife Renuka went to the river to fetch water. At that time a king named Chitrarath was swimming in the river with his wives. Seeing that, Renuka was shocked. Meanwhile, seeing that Renuka was still not coming back, the sage became very angry when he saw his wife in that condition. He immediately ordered the sons to kill the mother. Killing a mother is a great sin. Therefore, the four sons of the sage did not agree to obey this order of the father, then the sage cursed his four sons for inertia. In the end, the sage gave the same order to his youngest son Parshuram and beheaded his mother with Parshuram's ax.

Jamadagni was very pleased with the boy for obeying his father. The sage asked Parshuram to ask for any gift. Then Parshuram prayed together for the rebirth of the mother, the inertia of the brothers, and the gift of longevity and invincibility. Meanwhile, the wife also fulfilled all the prayers of Jamadagni Parashuram to appease the sage's anger towards her sons. But the ax remained in Parashuram's hand for the sin of killing his mother. He could not let go of the ax. When he asked his father the reason for this, he told him that this ax would not be free from his hand until he was freed from the sin of maternal murder. After bathing in the Brahma Kunda at the behest of the father, the mother is freed from the sin of manslaughter and the ax is detached from her hand.

Parashuram, an immortal character in the epic * | Sixth Avatar of God Vishnu

● Some Significant from ancient times: 

In ancient times there was a king named Kartavirya. His full name is Kartaviryajun. Once he came with his sons to visit the ashram of Mahshi Jamadagni. He was so impressed by the Kamadhenu cow in the ashram that the king stole the Kamadhenu in the dark of night and brought it to his kingdom. Hearing all the incidents, Parshuram killed the king and brought back the rainbow. Meanwhile, the sons of Kartavirya, in retaliation, raided the Jamadagni Ashram in the dark of night. 

They brutally killed the meditating Jamadagni. Later, seeing the horrible corpse of his father in the cottage of the ashram, little Parshuram killed all the sons of Kartavirya alone. Later he became so vengeful on the Kshatriyas that he emptied the Kshatriyas from the earth. He kills Kshatriyas and builds five lakes with their blood and later apologizes to each man so that all sins are forgiven. Later these five blood lakes together came to be known as * Samanta Panchak or Kurukshetra.

● Known from Ramayana:

Later it is known from Ramayana that Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, was born before Parshuram's death. On hearing the news of Ramachandra's breaking of the rainbow, Parshuram became angry and confronted Rama and said that he had a Vaishnava bow. He calls on Rama to show his heroism by breaking this Vaishnava bow, and if Rama fails to do so, he promises to fight the conflict, and Rama destroys all his penance. As a result, his energy was wasted and he went back to Mahendra mountain after worshiping Rama.

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