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About Sivaratri Vows


Why Shivaratri vows are made?

 Shivaratri vows are celebrated on Shiva Chaturdashi in every month of Bengali. Devadidev Mahadev is present everywhere in the beginnin to end of the creation. He is called as Jitendriya.  It is said that Mahadev got drunk poison on this day and danced Tandava on this day.From this vow gained Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.The best vow of all is considered to be Shiva Chaturdashi vow.

● Once Parvati asked Mahadev;"O Lord, what is the best vow"?  In reply, Mahadev said, "The vows of Shiva Chaturdashi of the month of Falgun are the best vows." The first should be bathed with milk, the second with curd, the third with ghee, and the fourth with honey.  After waking up that night, the Brahmins should be fed first the next day.  Mahadev will be very pleased with the person who will perform this vow with Dakshina as much as possible and will get the salvation of that person.There is a story in the vows of that Shivaratri.  It is believed that this puja was introduced from this incident.According to the story;long time ago there was a hunter in Varanasi. He only killed animals.One day, after killing many animals, the hunter left for home in the evening.The path of the dark night could not be seen. Then he appeared in a deep forest.Fearing for his life, he took refuge in a tree. He sat on the branches of the tree with the meat hanging on the branches.It was a bell tree and there was a Shivling under it.As a result of moving on the branches of the tree, a dew-soaked leaf fell on the head of Shiva Ling. It is said that Shiva was a little satisfied, so Shiva was satisfied when the dew-bell leaf fell on his head.  As a result, the hunter's Shiva Chaturdashi was rewarded. When he returned home in the morning, his wife gave him something to eat. At that time a guest came to the house.  In that he gained more rewards.A few days later, the hunter fell ill and died.The Yam's messengers came to take him away.  Shiva's messengers also came to take away him. They started arguing about who would take the hunter.Then a war broke out between them.The messengers of Yamraj were defeated.Then Shiva's massengers took the hunter to Kailasa.

 Nandi was watching.When he heard everything from the massengers then he told them about the hunter's Shivaratri.On hearing all this, the messengers went back and complained to Yam.  Then Yamraj replied, "I have no right over the person who vows Shiva Chaturdashi and dies in Varanasi."  From then this vow was spread everywhere.    

  Mrityunjay Saha's composition

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