south bengal rainfall

South Bengal was hit by two low-pressure rains in the North Bay of bengal at this time last year, but this year there has not been a single day of continuous rain in South Bengal.
🔵 The monsoon in South Bengal does not have a direct effect on the monsoon season, which is scattered in nature.The reason for this is that if there is no ingress of moisture air, it will not move, it will have to move upwards, it will rain only if it has to condensation.There are some regulators or influencers who want to make this whole complex thing happen.

🗻The monsoon winds in North Bengal cause direct rainfall, as the Shiblik mountain range plays a major role in North Bengal, averaging 10 million years ago.I don't have the data of 10 million years here but this Shivalik class has a direct role in the rain that has been falling there for 30 long years.In South Bengal, there is no such thing as upward movement and condensation, the effect of large hills or mountains is negligible.

So what's the way? 

High mountains are raising the wind, but if the wind itself rises, low pressure must be created.There is no way out without this depression, this is the main option.                               So in the scattered hot spots on the ground, the monsoon winds go through the low pressure areas and go up and accumulate clouds.This is exactly how the clouds we see in the sky are born.So any time in the morning, afternoon or afternoon, it is raining from black clouds in different places of this district, this is the rain of South Bengal now.

"Sometimes clouds, sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain"

🌧When is the continuous rain?

▶️ The only way is to create a depression in the water, not on the ground.The best is the depression born in the Bay of Bengal. As the hot air full of water vapor rises rapidly from the water, the intensity of the pressure slope increases, which irritates the monsoon winds.

☁️That place has a lot of thick black clouds, it enters South Bengal, in stages, in layers, so it does not want to leave the rain continues for two or three days in a row. That time creates a depression axis.

**Today's report**

💧A low pressure has formed over Orissa, which will increase the wind speed slightly, causing scattered rains.

⛈️A depression of intensity on the North Bay of bengal in July 14-15.The effect of the depression will be to move west through Midnapore in South 24 Parganas, or most likely to move towards Andhra Pradesh via Orissa.

💦As a result, when will the amount of rain in South Bengal increase.


Written ✍️ by Somnath Kumar Das