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About Bangali Language

Bengali language (folk language) today is on the way to extinction.

Bengali is the spoken language of the mainland of Bangladesh.
Linguist Suniti Chattapadhyay named it "Bengali dialect". In my opinion, the term "Folk Language" rather than "Dialect" is more reasonable. Hindu refugees from Bangladesh refer to themselves as "Bengal" or "Bengal" community or caste and their spoken language as "Bengal (folk) language". Linguists, however, differ.

Anyway, the problem is that this folk language is on the way to extinction today. There are many reasons for this. One is the inferiority complex of Bengalis.Refugee Bengalis today are well established in work and money. They think that speaking this language reveals their backward culture and identity. Calcutta gentleman Bengali and Standard Bengali language will be compared and the folk identity of Bengalis will be revealed. So in life they prove that "We can't speak our own language anymore, we've lost our language."
 (“এহন আমরা আর আমাগো ভাষা কইতে পারি না, ভুইল্যা গেছিগা”।)

This is a big misconception. Its evidence is the “Bhojpuri” vernacular of Bihar and UP. Very elegant Bhojpuri folk language. Folk songs in Bhojpuri language are more appreciated and popular all over the country than even Hindi songs. Although folk songs, Bhojpuri songs cannot be distinguished from modern songs. Even modern literature is being written in this language. Bhojpuri movies and films are equally popular across the country as Hindi movies.


A Bhojpuri movie called "Nadia Ke Par" was a hit across the country. There is evidence that the Bengali vernacular is equally rich. Bhanu Banerjee's joke (Search Google) or Gostha Gopal Das's Bhatiali song is proof. Awami League-influenced Bangladeshi philosophers, linguists, historians and politicians also highlighted the integral Bengali ethnicity to destroy Pakistani influence. Its intentions are noble, but it denies reality and truth.
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----------------- K Sarkar🖋🖋

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