।।Kayastha, can't be noble –।।(Anti-Caste Propaganda) ।।

 Caste consciousness is still strong in Kolkata.  Many claim to be noble Kayasthas.  Many are also making strange claims like Brahmins like Varendra Kayastha, Radhi Kayastha.  But they are not correct.  Varendra or Radhi belongs to Bengali Brahmins only.  The word Kulin can only be used by Brahmins.
 Kayasthas cannot use the word Kulin.  Kayasthas are actually Shudras.  I don't believe in caste, but Kulin Kayastha makes me smile.  Is it a jackfruit tree or a golden stone bowl?  Research has shown its origin from the matrimonial advertisement of Anandabazar newspaper.  Someone wrote Kulin Kayastha, then it is claimed by others.
 Earlier, Kayasthas used to observe impurity for 30 days when someone died, but later reduced it.  If you don't believe, you can ask those who claim Kulin Kayastha.
 Kayasthas are also classified as Shudra in the British census.  There is the greatest historical evidence that the Kayasthas were Shudras.  Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay (Chief Justice and VC of CU) refused to preside over Swami Vivekananda's felicitation meeting because he (Vivekananda) was a Sudra.  Even then, the Brahmins in Bengal were called Shudras, the name of the Kayastha race was not in use.  Bangladeshi refugees arrived and introduced the name Kulin Kayastha, reducing the 30-day impurity to 15 days.  In 1971, Kulin Kayastha was launched. 


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