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"Origin of Goddess Kaushiki or "Kaushiki Amavasya"

■"On the auspicious occasion of Kaushiki Amavasya today we will know about the origin of Goddess Kaushiki or Kaushiki Amavasya from "Tnrasahita".

Maa Kaushiki & Maa Kali

    *Kaushiki- Amavasya*■    
We all know Kaushiki Amavasya is a little different from all other new moons, because according to Tantra and Shastra this tithi of Bhadra month is a little special.  The saint conquers the Kula-Kundli chakra. There is an auspicious significance of this day in Buddhist and Hindu Tantra.  According to Tantra Sahitya this night is also called star night.  It is known that at a particular moment the gates of both heaven and hell open momentarily and the sadhaka engages in positive or negative sadhanas as per his will and attains siddhi.

Birth Details of Maa Kaushiki

Birth details of Devi Kaushiki

Devi is a form of Chandi.  There are two facts about Goddess Kaushiki in the Puranas.  One is, the origin of Kaushiki when Devi goes to kill Shumma-Nishumbha.  After the slaying of Mahishasura there is the story of Shumbha-Nishumbha slaying followed by the praise of the gods.  According to that story, the goddess left the cells from the body as she sat down.  Ambika is called *Kaushiki* because she was created from the body cells of Parvati "Kaushikiti Samteshu Tato Lokeshu Gyate" meaning from then on.  In this regard, many people called Koshiki Kali. Now many people may have a question as to why the goddess left Koshi on the battlefield.  The real story is that Shumbha - Nishumbha got a boon from Brahma that no woman who came in contact with men could cause their death.  Goddess Ambika is Shiva's consort.  As a result he cannot kill them. That is why he leaves the body cells and the goddess *Kaushiki* is created.  From the cells of the body a completely different woman is born. One who has not come in contact with a man. 

Maa Kaushiki & Kaushiki Amavasya

He destroyed Shumbha-Nishumbhava.  Moreover, Amba or Ambika is the mother form of the goddess. She is compassionate, she is the form of beauty, the authors of all times did not want the goddess to kill the demon in that form.  Hence the birth of Shaktirupen *Kaushiki*.

● Today is the tithi, the day on which this goddess was born and she killed Shumbha-Nishumbha. Hence the name of this Amavasya is "Kaushiki-Amavasya". Again on that day "*Tara*, one of the goddesses of the second level of "*Dashmahabidya*, appeared in Morta Dham.*  Jai Tara Ma-Jai Bamadeva* (My devotional obeisances and love to the feet of Mother).
Written by Mrityunjay Saha...

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