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The land of the brothel

■ From the traditional Hindu religion today we will know why the soil of the brothel is used in Durga Puja in Mahasthan / why it is used: - 

Writing by Mrityunjay Saha 

●Taken from the traditional religion"Where Rudra's letter flew, Baudelaire's cloud.

☆Where all the acquired feelings of abandoned men and women.That house in the voice of the wounded at the call of the uninvited.After entering the brothel, there is the purest soil! "

 Mahapasthan of Durgapuja takes "soil of brothel".  Many people are confused as they do not know the meaning of Sanskrit words.

  "Abhishikta bhavet besya na besya kulta priye" - Maha Nirvana Tandra,Purnabhisheko Deveshi Dash Vidyavidhosmrit"

The devotees of Dashmahavidya are the only ones who are entitled to full anointing.  The kulta of the present society is not called the soil of barbanita brothel.  The Scriptures have never indulged in this heinous sin but have asked for atonement.

●In the Vedic age we have come to know about this Adyabrahma Shakti in the form of Uma-Haimbati in some Upanishads.  Where as Jyoti: Swarup Sachchidananda explained Brahma to the gods.  The cause of the ignorance of the arrogant being.  Only when this ego is destroyed is the theory realized.  By the grace of the original mother, the ego of the children of the gods is destroyed and the idea of ​​Brahman is born.

 ■ When a man goes to a prostitute's house and has illicit sex, all the virtues of that man's life fall on the ground of the prostitute's house and the virtues leave him.  In return the man brings all the sins from the prostitute's house.  In this way, the soil of the house of prostitutes is considered to be virtuous by sacrificing the virtues acquired by many men.We can learn from this that you should not give up the success of your life by going to the house of a prostitute and having illicit sex.  Women are never holy. Women are the race of mother, men are born of women.  Men who make women prostitutes.  So that man must be unclean.

● Prostitute soil has to be given to make mother's idol.  This means that they are victims of the situation.So they have to be respected.  Women power / female race can never be impure, all the men who forced those women to be prostitutes are impure.

*Let those who say this insult our tradition, let them know that women are never prostitutes, they are the offspring of mother, men are the ones who make women prostitutes.  So do not disrespect them, do not disrespect them.

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