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|| The last Solar Eclipse of the Year-2022 ||

★ The solar eclipse is going to happen today before the festival of Diwali ends and the solar eclipse will start at 2:29 PM in India.

The solar eclipse will start at 2:29 PM in India.Which will last till 3 minutes at 4 o'clock. The eclipse will continue after sunset, ending around 6:32 PM. Solar eclipses are considered by many to be very distressing.Therefore, during this time, many people think it is better to take a bath and fast. Many people also consider it a virtue to meditate on giving after fasting.

★ Countries from which the eclipse will be visible:-

October 25 is the last solar eclipse of the year today; It will last for four hours and three minutes. This eclipse will be visible in Bengal at 4:52 PM. As this is a partial solar eclipse, the partially covered part of the sun will be visible. The solar eclipse may not be visible in the sky due to Cyclone Sitrang. If the sky is clear, the eclipse will be visible in and around Kolkata for 12 minutes.Europe, North East Africa and West Asia. Also, talking about the regions within India, the eclipse will be seen from New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Varanasi and Mathura. But Meghalaya, Assam, Guwahati will not have the same effect on these areas, so the eclipse will not be visible from here.

★ What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a cosmic phenomenon. At this time the moon, sun and earth come in a straight line. As a result, the sun is covered by the shadow of the moon, and that's when a solar eclipse occurs.

According to the Puranas,two Rakshas named Rahu and Ketu swallowed the Sun at this time and as their throats were cut, the Sun came out again through the cut. And this partial eclipse is called solar eclipse.

As a solar eclipse is considered inauspicious and the earth is considered to be consumed by evil energy during this time, no auspicious work is done during this time.

★ What should and should not be done during the solar eclipse?

Diwali, the festival of lights going on across the country, has not yet reached its end, and there is going to be a total eclipse of the sun. The Moon will hide the Sun. Certain restrictions are observed during this solar eclipse.

For example, 

** Pregnant women should not touch knives, scissors, scissors or any sharp object, many think that it may harm the unborn child.

 **One should not travel anywhere during the eclipse. 

**One should not watch the eclipse with naked eyes. One should watch the eclipse with old X-ray plates or glasses fitted with filters. There is also a way to watch the solar eclipse with water in a copper pot. 

**During this time one should not cook and eat food during solar eclipse. Fasting during a solar eclipse is considered preferable.

**According to astrology, this solar eclipse will be in Libra and Swati Nakshatra. Due to the eclipse of Swati Nakshatra, those born in this Nakshatra should not see the eclipse. And the doors and windows should be closed during this time.

★"Fasting during intake"- How reasonable is this?

It was forbidden to fast and consume any food or drink during the reception, as various evil effects are reflected during this time.

Be it the moon or the sun, the contact of these two with the human life and body is undeniable. At this time some bad gases are released and that poisons the food inside the stomach. As a result, illness occurs in the human body. 

This is why fasting is prescribed during this time. Many people think that some light food can be eaten during this time. Which are digested quickly, because during consumption, an effect called "cooling effect" is produced in the human body and thereby delays digestion again.

Many people think that since the solar eclipse takes place during the day, the amount of light is less and in the absence of light, various diseases spread in the air. As a result, if we take food at that time, the disease bacteria can mix with the food and harm our body. So eating food is prohibited during this time.

An eclipse is when the sun, moon and earth come into a straight line. And this time the magnetism power is very high. Since the human body has a close connection with the Moon and the Sun, the bio magnetism power within the body also increases.

★ Classical views:- 

In ancient times it was to save Suryadev from the hands of Rahu Muni sages used to sit in meditation on an empty stomach. This was their prevailing belief. Hence the rule of fasting during eclipse.

★ Scientific Opinion on Adoption:-

Be it good effects or bad effects, science does not take into account all these rules. Scientists believe that ultraviolet rays are emitted more at this time. Although it does not have a special effect during a lunar eclipse, this effect is large during a solar eclipse. Therefore, its toxic effects can spread through food and are fatal to any living cell.

It is also forbidden to eat cooked food during this time because there is water in the cooking and during this time the effect of radiation is more affected especially in water. Many people put Basil leaves on the food to keep it safe during this time.

Both science and mythology have different views on adoption. Even though the range of arguments there are extreme, they have come together in one place. Consequently it is not at all right to rule out not eating at this time.

* Written by & Pictures collected by 

Swati Mukhopadhyay

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