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About Land Surveying and Land Measurement


Land Surveying and Land Measurement

What is the meaning of the word "Land Survey?" 

Land survey is done to measure the time of purchase of land for construction of big mills in public or private sector or for development purposes.

The map drawn by measuring the angle or angle on the surface of different areas of the surface of the land with the help of scale and cut according to the exact size is called land survey.

What is the purpose of survey or why we do it:-

 To indicate the boundary in the disputed area, the land of several Sarik Goans is distributed as half or in some cases residual.Survey is done to separate and survey. In addition, for the convenience of the government in the governance of its own state, that is, to determine the state and maintain the independence of the subjects and to determine the location of what kind of land, rivers, forests, hills, mountains and construction of roads etc. within the state. LAND SURVEY is done for convenience.

How many types of land  survey:-

1) Chain Survey, 2) Plane Table Survey, 3) PrismaticCompass Survey, 4) Leveling Survey, 5) Theodolite Survey, 6) Revision Survey.

That was the topic about Land surveying.


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