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Last Lunar Eclipse Of The Year-2022

✅ Again the people of the world are going to witness a cosmic event...

After 15 days of the Solar eclipse, the Lunar eclipse is going to happen again.

The first lunar eclipse took place on May 16 of this year. The lunar eclipse is going to happen again at the end of the year, which will start at 5.32 pm Indian time on the 8 November and will last up to 7. 27 minutes.

Astrologers have announced a lunar eclipse on the day of Dev Diwali on the Purnima Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the Bengali month of Kartik.

If the Earth, Sun, and Moon come in the same straight line in Krishna Paksha, there will be a solar eclipse; in Hindu astrology, a demon named Rahu devours the Sun at this time in the hope of getting nectar, and if Shukla Pakhya is in favor, a lunar eclipse occurs, and in this case, another demon named Ketu is believed to devour the moon. Basically, an eclipse means blocking the path of sunlight.

★ Difference between a Lunar eclipse and a Solar eclipse:-

A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Sun comes between the Earth and the Moon, and a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. The annual motion of the Earth results in an eclipse. During the orbit of the earth, sometimes the moon comes in the same straight line as the earth and the sun and that is when the eclipse occurs. When the sun is completely covered by the earth and the moon is not completely visible from the earth, it is called a full lunar eclipse. This is the last lunar eclipse of 2022; according to astrology, it will happen in Aries. The lunar eclipse mentioned is a total lunar eclipse.

This lunar eclipse will be visible mainly from north-eastern Europe and most of Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, North America, and South America.  It cannot be seen from southwestern Europe and the African continent.  The total lunar eclipse in India will be visible only from the eastern regions.  The year-end lunar eclipse will be visible from Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Ranchi, and Guwahati.

Last Lunar Eclipse Of The Year-2022

★ Some rules to be followed during a Lunar eclipse:-

1. It is better to try not to go out during the eclipse.

 2. It is better not to let eclipse light enter the house.

3.  Like the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse should not be seen with the naked eye.

4. It is said to take a bath before and after the eclipse. Doing this does not cause any negative effects on the body.

5. It is better not to eat or drink during the eclipse.Any food left before consumption should not be consumed afterward.

6. Pregnant women are advised to keep Durva grass to themselves at this time.

 7. Any type of sewing work is prohibited.

8. In this time it is said to complete any work calmly and to refrain from mental or physical stress.

9. Being busy in worshiping God, meditation during this time is considered as a remedy for lunar eclipse.

10.  According to scientists, it is said to refrain from eating or drinking anything during this time, because like the solar eclipse, many types of bacteria are born during and around the lunar eclipse, which has the possibility of harming the human body.

11. The special significance of taking a bath , donating, meditation after taking is accepted.  Bathing in the river Ganges on the day of lunar eclipse and then donating to the poor and needy is considered a very pious act.

We should all be aware of adoption.  As a result, we will be able to be aware of ourselves and others.

 As of today, I Swati Mukhopadhyay have finished my report here. 

Thank you.

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