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|| Battle of the Edge of Life ||

A man has thought about the good of his society, country and their people in various ways throughout his life. Again, this man who came to the end of his life but did not leave any leisure to serve the poor  people.

The last part of this man's life was spent in Carmater. Its current name is " Vidya Sagar Station ". Karmatar is a community development block that forms an administrative division in the Jamtara Sadar subdivision of the Jamtara district, Jharkhand state, India. It is located 15 km from Jamtara, the district headquarter.          

I hope you all understand who that  I am talking about.Yes, the one who is the ocean of knowledge, the ocean of kindness, the ocean of knowledge " Vidyasagar ".

The days of his life between 1873 and 1874 were spent in a secluded Santal village.  He devoted himself to the service of the helpless poor people there even at his last age.He nursed the cholera patient with his own hands. He bought thick sheets for them in the bone-shaking cold.He was an exceptional man of Indian character and mentality.  One thing must be said; " How did the cuckoo hatch in the crow's house in this unfortunate country! " No one has been able to solve the mystery even today.

There are many reasons to mention this.  First let's talk about some unknown moments spent by him.

 ★ Wearing the ' Paite ' Vidyasagar took the fish wrap from the dish of Kayastha-Sudra and ate it.

It is known from the writings of Harprasad Shastri that one morning suddenly a lot of noise was heard and later it was learned that this man, being the son of Bramhin, had snatched the fish wrap from Amritlal Mitra's plate and eaten it.The Mittra was lower caste people.

★ Dhoti , chadar and Talatala's sleeper were his culture and Bengaliness.

Although he had no enthusiasm for institutionalized religion, he had a deep respect for culture and Bengali culture.  The proof of that is the clothes he wears.

 F. J. Halliday, president of the Council of Education at this time, was an ardent admirer of this man. But, what he disliked most was the clothing worn by his favorite people.  He once requested Vidyasagar to wear shirt- pants. The request was rejected as usual and Vidyasagar directly informed that he would not come to meet Halid again.Hearing this, Halid rushes to her and requests that ' you come in the clothes you feel comfortable in '.

Many Englishmen who came to meet this Halid also had to wait.  Which a Bengali like Vidyasagar never had to do.

It may not be possible to conclude all these reasons.  So using the epithet " cuckoo lays eggs in crow's nest " may not be too wrong.

★ Void is the ocean of knowledge ★

In 1867, he fell down from a carriage and became unconscious.  His liver was injured, which could not be recovered.He had to bear the burden of that pain for a long time. To get relief from it, he took opium extract as advised by the doctor.

1st in July  he started taking Hakim's medicine.His body began to weaken gradually.  After leaving Hakeem, he took the help of allopathy treatment.  But there was no solution.Then started homeopathy and electric homeopathy treatment.  The disease increased instead of decreasing.

 All efforts failed and suddenly after 36 hours on Tuesday at 11 o'clock the fever finally gave him relief.No one could have thought that the fever would come again. His illness appeared after evening.

Vidyasagar finally got rid of all the pains and set off on the path of immortality.  The light of his life went out in the last moment of the night.

His body was taken to the crematorium at four in the morning. The flames of the fire slowly consumed his frozen body.  Finally, some of the surviving bones were carefully tied up and brought home.

In this way A chapter of a great life ends like this for ages.

Written by:- S.Mukhopadhyay.

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