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|| Stuntman Bimal || An unknown star in the world of Bengali cinema ||

Movie world is a huge entertainment place for every people.There heroes, heroines, villains, directors, producers are always at the top of the discussion.But there are some people those who  increase the attractiveness of this movie, remain hidden from the public eye.

Today I will mention the triumph of such a man.He is Bimal Roy, the established fight master of Bengali cinema.For 40 years he has acted along with planning and organizing various action scenes in Bengali cinema.  He acted in action shooting himself in about 400 films. Later, he created his own team and worked successfully.

Through an interview it is known about him,he had a passion for adventure since his childhood. While in school, he started learning karate and it became his favorite subject.Then he built a karate school in Behala Parnasree.  One day there he met director Vinayak Joshi. Liking his work, Vinayak Joshi offered him to join as a stuntman in his movie.Since then, Bimal Roy entered the film world.

After that, he started getting calls form several Bengali films."Antaral", "Guru dakhsina", "Sasurbari Jindabad" he acted in action scenes in some of these films. A stuntman often has to face various accidents in his work.There was no alternative to this in his life, he came back from the face of death by the force of his love for his indomitable work. 
Action scenes of Chiranjit starrer "Jay Vijay" are being shoot at Indrapuri Studio.The subject of the shoot was 'the hero will rescue his prisoner mother from the villain by breaking a glass door'.After the part of this initiative (by actor) was caught on camera the remaining part will be done by the hero's dummy Bimal.

Usually "sugar glass" is used for this purpose.  But it was expensive, for this reason the original glass was fitted there.  Bimal got ready and broke the glass door and fell into the room.As a result, the glass penetrated all over his back and his life was in doubts. He was immediately taken to the hospital. He had to stay in the hospital for 24 days. 84 stitches on the back.The glass had penetrated near the kidney.  

He did not turn away from this profession despite the hardships, low wages and constant walk with death.Asked about the remuneration, he laughed and said earlier it was Rs 90 per shift and later it was increased to Rs 1,000.Now he doesn't do big action anymore.He  formed a team with 15 fighters. Fighters take action in his design.

One of his action scenes from childhood still flash before my eyes.Writing about him today,  I could not stay without mention it.A scene from the movie "Shashurabari Zindabad".Stunt man Bimal did such a thing that makes anybody laugh and laugh. 

 The scene was 'Hero's fight with some ruffian in a market area'.Prosenjit Chatterjee played the hero's roll and Bimal Roy as one of the ruffian.(According to the scene of the movie) When the hero is unable to overcome any ruffain  then Bimal breaks some eggs and eats the raw yolks to increase his body strength.After that he comes to fight the hero and after beat up from the hero, live little chickens start coming out of his mouth.   

In my childhood I could not understand it at that time,but it is not difficult to understand now, what happened to that man on that day to entertain the public.Only he could realized that day how difficult it is to constantly put a live chicken in and out of the mouth.

Unseen by all, a man spends his life doing what he loves.Although the remuneration there is very low.Somewhere even by dealing with a thousand sufferings and deaths a man has prevailed in self-glory.No one particularly curses about the people involved in needlework.No one keeps their news. If they die or if their lives are in doubt, no one knows and it is not printed in any newspaper.

All the people who survived through such work and especially Bimal Roy from our blog, we pay our respects and respects.

Information Collected from "Saptahik Bartaman Magazine" by Swati Mukhopadhyay.

Picture collected from "Youtube".

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