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The chronicle period from 400 thousand BC to 326 BC.

 The history of the world is very old, even the historians could not say how old it is.  When and where in the world the first man was born and how many years ago no one could tell  In addition, the origin of Indian civilization is still unknown to us.According to the famous historian Sabyasachi Mallik, "The continent of Africa is identified as the birthplace or midwife of man on earth".

The first primitive man is Homohabilis. They were born about twenty million years ago.They has not been discussed in that way.All the discussion is about their descendant Homoerectus, because they were the first people who left Africa and went to different parts of the world.

The difference between Homohabilis and Homoerectus was their brain.  It is thought that this advanced brain helped the species Homoerectus learn to think.  Driven by curiosity, they spread from "Africa through Iraq to Mesopotamia, then from Asia Minor to Java in India and from North-East Africa to Egypt via Gibraltar to France".These countries have not yet been named. Much later people named these countries.

In India, evidence of the arrival of this species has been found on the banks of the Suvarnarekha River, Hatibari in West Bengal, on the banks of the "Narmada River, and in the Indus Valley".

"Homoerectors" gradually changed into "HomoSapiens".They choose caves to live in. They painted various pictures on the caves. The most famous of them. An example is "the bull of Altamira" in France. "The Bhimbetka" cave paintings of "Madhya Pradesh" or the "Dev Pahar cave paintings of Bankura" are proving the same.

The discovery of the "Indus Civilization" has now proved that a civilized race lived in the Indus Valley 5,500 years ago.In the history of this period, the Stone Age is written.The "Stone Age" is followed by the "Copper Age".Many copper age artifacts have been found at "Mohenjodaro" and "Harappa" in the Indus region.  "The Aryans" who lived in the Indus Valley migrated from Asia to Punjab, India around 3000 BC.

📌Some Notable Calendars of Ancient Times:-

📌Stone Age:-

⏺️Four to Two Lakhs BC.:-This period is called Paleolithic Age.

⏺️ 10 to 6 thousand BC:-This period is called Middle Stone Age.

 ⏺️ Six thousand BC:-  This period is called Neolithic Age.

📌Mehergarh Civilization :-

⏺️ 7000 BC:-  First phase of Mehergarh civilization begins.

 ⏺️2600 BC :- This period is considered as the decline of Mehergarh civilization.

          Meherghar & Indus Civilisation

📌 Indus Civilization:- 

⏺️3250 to 1500 BC:- This period is considered as the period of "Harappan culture".

 📌 Rik Vedic Age:-

 ⏺️1500 to 1000 BC:-This period is known as "Rika Vedic Age".

⏺️1000 to 600 BC:-This period is termed as the "Post-Rika Vedic era".

 📌Period of Buddha and Mahavira:-

⏺️566 BC:-Buddhadev was born in 566 BC.  He preached Buddhism in the sixth century. He died in 486 BC.

⏺️540 BC:- Birth of Mahavira and death in 468 BC.

⏺️6th century BC:- The period of protest movement and emergence of 63 religions.

Goutam Baudhya & Mahabir

 📌 Epic Age:-

⏺️ 400 to 200 BC:- Valmiki composed the Ramayana.

 ⏺️400 BC to 400 AD:- Compilation period of Mahabharata by Vyasdev.

📌Sixteenth Mahajanpada:-

⏺️600 B.C.(sixth century):- The existence of sixteenth Mahajanpada in India can be seen in this sixth century.The sixteen Mahajanpadas are Kashi, Kosala, Anga, Magadha, Briji, Malla, Chedi, Vatsya, Kuru, Panchal, Matsya, Ashmak, Shurashen, Avanti, Gandhara and Kamboja.

📌Harshanka Dynasty:-

⏺️554 to 494 BC:- The significant events of this period are Bimbisar's reign.

⏺️494 to 462 BC:- Emperor Ajatashatru's reign. In 492 BC, after killing his father Bimbisara, Emperor Ajatashatru sat on the throne of Magadha.

⏺️462 to 430 BC:-This period is mentioned as the reign of the kings Udayana, Aniruddha, Munda, Shishu Nag. All of them were 'Patriarchs'. As a result, the common people were angry with them. On this occasion, a courtier  killed  ShishuNag and sat on the throne of Magadha.

Reign of Ajatashatru

📌Nanda Dynasty :-

⏺️364 BC:- "Mahapadmananda" founded the "Nanda dynasty". He was of Shudra origin. He killed the previous king Kalashoka and their sons and sat on the throne of Magadha.

⏺️327 B.C:- Alexander's invasion of India.

⏺️326 B.C:- Period of war between "Alexander and Puru".

                        Nanda Dynasty

🔶This was the chronicle of the period from 400 thousand BC to 326 BC.

📌Collected by -Swati Mukhopadhyay.

📌From-Bharat Tatha Viswar 2000 Bachharer Kalanukromic Jhatanapanji.

📌Picture collected from:-Printerest,Facebook (Google) .

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