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14th February a "Black Latter Day" and Valentine's Day as well ||14th February is a day to bow down and pay homage to the brave sons of Mother India || Details about Pulwama Attack||

✅14th February is a special day of remembrance for the Indian Defense Line and India as much as it is Valentine's Day.

As 14th February is recognized as the day of love, different people celebrate this day with happiness in mind for love; Likewise, this day remains a curse for some people in the world. When this day comes, the pain of losing a relative explodes continuously before the eyes.

☑14th February is a memorable day. 

14th February is a day to bow down and pay homage to the brave sons of Mother India.

In the year 2019; Date 14th February.  A vehicle carrying Indian security personnel encountered a suicide bomber on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway while passing through Lekhopora in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama district.  

40 CRPF jawans lost their lives in this attack.  Pakistan's militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for the attack.  The person or persons who attacked were local members of the Pulwama district.  India strongly condemned Pakistan for the attack and denied all links with them.

Sudden accident:- 

With carrying 78 vehicles, CRPF personnel travelled on the national highway.  The car left Jammu at around 3:30.  Most of the workers were travelling in convoys in these vehicles due to the closure of the highway for the previous two days.  

A bus carrying security guards collided with a vehicle carrying explosives at 3.15 near Avanti Para.  Immediately killing and injuring 40 CRPF personnel of the 76th Battalion along with many others.

● After the investigation of the incident:-

The name that emerged as the culprit was Adil Ahmed Dar; whose residence is Kaka Para. A twelve -members team was sent by the National Investigation Agency to investigate the attack. They worked equally with the police in Jammu and Kashmir. 

 Preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle was carrying explosives of around 8 kilograms of RDX and ammonium nitrate which amounted to around 300 kilograms. According to Lt. Gen. Mr Hooda, the explosives could be stolen.  However, it was learned from him that it was not possible to smuggle them across the border.

**Name, rank and location of 40 CRPF jawans killed:-

1) Head Constable Nasir Ahmed (Jammu & Kashmir)
2) Constable Sukhjinder Singh (Punjab)
3) Head Constable Jaimal Singh (Punjab)
4) Constable Rohitash Lamba (Rajasthan)
5) Constable Tilak Raj (Himachal Pradesh)
6) Head Constable Vijay Soreng (Jharkhand)
7) Constable D Kumar Subramaniam (Tamil Nadu)
8) Constable Manoj Kumar Behera (Odisha)
9) Constable GD Guru Aich (Karnataka)
10) Head Constable Narayan Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan)
11) Constable Mahesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
12) Constable Pradeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
13) Head Constable Hemraj Meena (Rajasthan)
14) Constable PK Sahu (Odisha)
15) Constable Ramesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
16) Head Constable Sanjay Rajput (Maharashtra)
17) Constable Kushal Kumar Rawat (Uttar Pradesh)
18) Constable Pradeep Singh (Uttar Pradesh)
19) Constable Shyam Babu (Uttar Pradesh)
20) Constable Kumar Azad (Uttar Pradesh)

21) Constable Maninder Singh Atri (Punjab)
22) Head Constable Bengal Bablu Samra (Uttar Pradesh)
23) Constable Ashwani Kumar Kauchi (Maharashtra)
24) Constable Rathod (Madhya Pradesh)
25) Nitin Shivaji (Maharashtra)
26) Constable Bhagirath Singh (Rajasthan)
28) Head Constable Abdhesh Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)
29) Constable Ratan Kumar Thakur (Bihar)
30) Constable Panja Kumar Tripathi
 (Uttar Pradesh)
31) Constable Jeet Ram (Rajasthan)
32) Constable Amit Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)
 (33) Constable Vijay K.  Maurya (Uttar Pradesh)
 34) Constable Kulwinder Singh (Punjab)
35) Head Constable Maneshwar Kusumatari (Assam)
 36) Assistant Sub Inspector Mohan Lal (Uttarakhand)
37) Head Constable Sanjay Kumar Sinha (Bihar)
38) Head Constable Ram Dakil (Uttar Pradesh)
39) Constable Sudeep Bengal Constable (Uttarakhand)
40) Sivachandran (Tamil Nadu)

Security personnel killed in the attack were paid their last respects with due respect at their respective places. The Punjab government announced a promise of Rs 12 lakh to the families of the slain workers and government jobs to their relatives on behalf of the state.

 On behalf of our KSI blog, we pay our respects to these brave martyrs.

📒Collected and presented by:- Swati Mukhopadhyay.📒

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