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|| Great Memory with Netaji Subhash & Deshbandhu Chittaranjan || Deshbandhu's Amazing Characteristics ||

"Hey Subhash Chandra, at the end, leaving sword taking flute. Are we so innocent?" __Deshbandhu...

A letter from Subhash reveals some of the memories that took place inside the dark walls of "Mandalay" prison.The date of composition is estimated to be 20 February 1926.In the memoirs of his relationship with Deshbandhu Subhas wrote, he had the opportunity to spend 8 months with Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das during 1921 and 1922.  

At this time, Subhash got the responsibility of serving DeshbandhuHe also cooked one meal for Deshbandhu during the last few months in Alipore Jail.Subhash said it seemed to him at least a matter of great pride that he had the right or opportunity to serve such a man through the immense kindness of the government.

December 1921 - Before the warrant of arrest was issued, Subhash worked under him for three or four months, during which time he did not know him, but as a result of living together for the next 8 months, Subhash got to know him properly.

■ Deshbandhu's sense of humor:-

 A Gurkha soldier was assigned to guard them in the Presidency Jail.One morning he got up and saw that there was a Hindustani soldier instead of a Gorkha soldier.Seeing that, Deshbandhu said,"Hey Subhash Chandra, at the end, leaving sword taking flute. Are we so innocent"?

Chittaranjan was a funny man. Subhash realized his endless store of simple and effortless humor after spending days in jail.  Deshbandhu kept everyone entertained day after day with various jokes.He didn't have to think about having fun.  
His sense of humour ran like a stream of a river without attention.

If a person has a sense of humor, he can laugh in all situations without being hurt even in adverse situations, even if he loses everything.Seeing Chittaranjan Das, Netaji Subhash understood this very much.Such was the man of great character Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das.
Subhash used to tell Deshbandhu what he had learned, not only about the work of the country, but also about politics.Do yoy know what did i learn with him,I learned the meaning of devotion.Seeing him, everyone felt a kind of devotion.

Subhash told his friend Dilip Kumar,After coming in contact with Deshbandhu, I was able to imbibe the meaning of Rabindranath's "Vaishnava poetry" for the first time.

'Whatever I can give to God, I can give to my beloved.

What I can give to my beloved, I give to the gods.

And where can I get?

 I love God, dear God.

                         __(Rabindranath Tagore's Vaishnava Poetry)


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