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Two Memorable Days are Described with a Flower's Name - (Rose)

✅ When we say about Rose Day, we remember a happy and a sad memory.One is celebrated at the beginning of the year and the other is celebrated at the end of the year.

-:7th February Rose Day:-

Valentine's week begins with Rose Day. This week celebrate from 7th February to 14th February.Along with this, February is Rose Day. On this Rose Day, a person expresses his love to his favorite person.

Rose is called the queen of flowers.  In 600 BC, the Greek poet Sappho said, 'A queen for all their world of flowers, the rose would be the choice...'.

Not only that,

Shakespeare himself reminds us how sweet the fragrance of falling roses is through his writing - 'Of their sweet deaths and sweetest oder made....'

Any flower in the world is a symbol of beauty. Another quality of flowers is that flowers carry the feelings of the human heart to others, much like a letter. "Floriography" means the language of flowers. Flowers become a language just as many languages ​​are spoken by humans.The language of flowers has different layers.  The expression of feelings also depends on how the flowers are being given.

 Red rose is a symbol of love.  But if that flower is turned downwards, 🥀 i.e. if the flower petals are down, then it must be understood that it is not expressing love at all.  Rather, it is a sign of rejection of the offer of love.  Thus the tying of the ribbons from the flower decorations – carries a similar meaning.

Among all flowers, roses have many times more power than many other flowers.Therefore, roses are more valued than other flowers everywhere in the world.The national flower of England is the rose. Its scientific name is Rosa Species.

🌹World's Most Expensive Rose:- Juliet Rose.  In 2006, this flower came before the world at the Chelsea Flower Show. It took 15 years to create.  Its price is 15.8 million US dollars.

🌹Price Of Rose:-  A 2014 survey found that 88 percent of the flowers given as gifts on February 14 each year are roses!  And all in all, 25 million rose flowers are sold all over the world on Valentine's Day!

📌Different Roses and their Language Meaning:-

1.Red rose:-
Even if you can't say love in words, this one flower can say it.  Red rose is seen as a symbol of love and passion.  So red roses can be given to people who are truly loved.

Christianity is also associated with it.  There is also a belief that roses turned red from the blood of Jesus crucified.  The thorn of the rose symbolizes that wound.  Christmas Eve is also a tradition of decorating with red roses.

2.Lavender Color Rose:- This color rose can be offered to the person who falls in love at first sight.

3. White Rose:- This rose is the symbol of compassion sympathy simplicity.

4. Orange Rose:- Like the color orange, this color rose symbolizes enthusiasm, excitement, bravery.  By giving this rose, the language of encouragement to the comrades is revealed.

5. Peach Rose:- This rose symbolizes honesty, sincerity.  If you can't tell someone you love them, you can give them a rose of this color as a gift today.

6. Yellow rose :-  Symbol of friendship, good health, love and affection.Anybody can give a bunch of yellow roses as a gift today to show the value of your loved one in your life.

7. Blue Rose:- Blue rose is used to indicate not being successful in love, or not being able to realize one's own desires.  You can express this language through blue roses today to the person you always desire.

8. Green Rose:- This color rose can be given to others for a quick recovery or with the spirit of improvement in any work.

9.Pink Rose:- Appreciation, recognition, thanks are all symbolized by this pink color rose.

10.Purple Rose:- This color rose symbolizes royalty.  This rose is used to signify dignity, glory, respect.  This rose can be given to honor the Queen of any country.

11. Black rose:- Black rose is used in many countries to say goodbye as per old tradition.  Black rose is a symbol of death. It is also used in black magic. In this case, the black rose is a symbol of deception.

12.Bouquet of mixed roses:- As an expression of mixed feelings, this bouquet of roses is given as a gift. In the West such gifts are customary.

🌹Some History of Rose Day🌹

Rose flower is said to be a symbol of expression of feelings.It is known from the pages of history,Mughal Begum Nur Jahan was very fond of red roses.  It is said that her husband Jahangir used to send fresh roses to Nur Jahan's palace every day to please her.

According to another belief,

During the reign of Queen Victoria, people started the practice of exchanging roses to express their feelings.

From here, Rose Day is celebrated at the beginning of the year as a festival of love all over the world.

-:September 22, World Rose Day:-

Although the name Rose Day sounds similar, the significance and underlying events of the two days are completely different.  A story of fighting with a smile in spite of sadness; which is also known as Rose Day.

This day is dedicated to a brave girl.  Her name is Melinda Rose.  At the age of 12, this Canadian girl was diagnosed with a rare disease called skin tumor.During this time, the brave girl ignored this deadly disease and spent her life happily and cheerfully.Along with it, she used to write various messages to all the cancer patients in the form of poems and stories and send them by mail.Every day there was a new massage, positive story of fighting and winning the battle.  Along with hers own life, she filled the lives of those people with joy and love at the end of his life's journey.

After his daughter's death, Melinda's father celebrated her birthday every year to raise the morale of people fighting cancer, and from this program, World Rose Day is an attempt to raise the morale of cancer patients and bring joy to them.

This special day is proof that the world still remembers him.  The 22nd of September is called Rose Day after the name of this young girl Rose.

This was the representation of two memorable events of Rose Day.

📒Written by Swati Mukhopadhyay.

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