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What is Super Power? || Characteristics of Supar Power || Is it called Spirituality?||

Myth - There is a "superpower" behind everything in the universe. It's not a person. This power is Impersonal power. "Shri Krishna"_ is the concept of the inhabitants of a particular country. Different ideas in other countries - what else can one imagine!

The initial stage of Bhagavad-realization is the realization of the all-pervasive 'Bramha'. Just as the approach to the sun begins, the all-pervading rays, the touch of sunlight, occur. Similarly, the idea of ​​the presence of an all-pervading 'superpower' is the first glimpse of the realization of the Lord. But this is not the end. 

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'Power' or 'energy' is independent, not self-luminous or self-evident. It will have a source just as there is a source of vast solar energy combining heat and light. So energy is distinct but it cannot be called independent, it has a controller. Because behind the use of force, there is an intelligence.

What is Super Power? || Characteristics of Supar Power || Is it called Spirituality?||

Like-electricity is being used all over the world but there is an intelligence behind it and technologists behind the intelligence. Nature is a force like that. It contains immeasurable complexity and behind the complexity, a profound esprit that we call -"intelligence". Even the classical scientists of the world marveled at that expressed intelligence.

"I am trying to comprehend an infinitesimal part of intelligence manifest in nature" --- Albert Einstein


Intelligence means that it originates in a conscious personality. Intelligence cannot be derived from mere matter. Intelligence cannot be impersonal. It is the intellectual power of an intelligence. The existence of intelligence means that any purpose or intention of that intelligence is being realized.The source of the abundant intelligence expressed in this vast universe is an Omnipotent Personality.

But how to know that personality?

There are specific sciences for this spiritual science, Bhagavadattva science.
For example, if we ask someone about Earth's magnetic field or electromagnetism will ask me to read a physics book or send him to a physicist. Again if we want to know about Space then we will be asked to study Space science. Similarly, if we want to know about "Supreme Intelligence"or "superpower" then naturally we have to read the science in which that subject has been analyzed.

As the source of superpower is the conscious personality, He manifests Himself only to the truly reverent inquirer. In this world, the Lord of Supreme Superpowers himself manifests his form to "Arjuna". Srimad Bhagavad Gita - Science of God, through which Arjuna expresses himself to the entire world. In other scriptures around the world, many precepts and dharma advice are given to make the corrupt-natured man fit for God-realization.

Absolute control or Supreme man "Pavitrayang Paramang" is the past fully conscious personality of the inherent nature. That is why purity of consciousness is a necessary condition for realizing it. Supreme Consciousness or Supreme men cannot be realized in the process of realizing inert energy.

Everything in Supreme Consciousness is Supreme.His power, beauty,opulence, and wisdom are Supreme. That is why he is a rich and attractive personality.Controlling super-powers is fascinating. The shortest 'Sanskrit' word for all-attractor is "Krishna".
Control of super-power is all attractive ". So, this name is the most appropriate name. Superpower has given you the beauty of the floral ceremony,captured by the artistry of the fragrance of flowers.

What is Super Power? || Characteristics of Supar Power || Is it called Spirituality?||

 So he himself is not beautiful? Is he formless and impersonal?

"Superpower" -- By saying this many people unconsciously try to ignore or ignore the absolute duty of practicing our loving service to Krishna and his advice. These are the distortions of closed life. It is important to get out of it for the sake of your own life. The Supreme Lord Shri Krishna is the Eternal Supreme Truth,  Self-born, Immortal, Eternal, Traditional Supreme Being.
 Scientists all over the world are amazed to realize only a tiny fraction of its power.

Written by:-S.Banerjeeđź–Š️
(Pictures collected from- "ISKCON Arts",& Facebook Page-"Sri Krishna Quotes" )

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