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|| Unknown Story of Street Singer Rahul || Parkstreet,Kolkata ||

"Story of a Music lover"

One more singing talent of a Street Singer:

He was interested in music since his childhood.He started writing songs at a very young stage.In this way, choosing music as a profession and addiction in life, the journey of music in the path of life continues still now. KSI blog finds such an unknown person at the Park  Street In Kolkata.This young man from Calcutta has chosen the path of fulfilling his dreams by fighting with an indomitable faith.

|| Story of Street Singer Rahul || Parkstreet,Kolkata ||

This young man did not think twice to take to the streets to present himself with a guitar without any concern for respectability.Today, the story of his life's struggle was revealed through him.He said that his mother Mrs.Aparna Gour was always by his side in this campaign.

The desire to learn guitar was awakened by seeing a senior brother  playing guitar in the neighborhood chat.Before that he usually practiced classical music.He first started playing the guitar and singing with his friends at Ganga Ghat.Currently,numerousne numerously stage performances along with street performances.

The name of this young boy Rahul Gour from Lake town.

 A man named Krishnendu,first brought up "Baskar Earning" of Calcutta.Inspired by him, he began to show his talent by standing on the streets and singing.His first street performance was at Park Street in Kolkata.

This young man sometimes got a coin of one rupee and sometimes a large amount of money like 4500 rupees  from an audience by singing on the street.Standing on the street to highlight his talent, he is constantly fighting to fulfill his hobby or love through music and his family through earning, without caring about his dignity.
 K.S.I Blog chronicles his struggle.

✍Collected by Swati Mukhopadhyay...

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