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After the crucifixion Jesus Christ ||Good Friday & Easter Day

■ What happened after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? 
■ What is Easter day? 
Why do Christians celebrate this day?

The neighborhood was filled with joyous songs of Jesus Christ's human love and kindness.  His preached love religion spread widely. As a result, the French and ancient Jewish priests became jealous.  Then they conspired against Jesus Christ.  Their loyal elites also started persuading them in this regard.It was decided to hand over Jesus Christ to the ruler of the Roman Empire and a reward was announced for this work.

Finally, Jesus was captured by the Roman guards, joined in this conspiracy by a traitorous disciple named Judas.The high priest of the Jews condemned Jesus Christ to death.The offense was said to have "insulted God by proclaiming that Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews and the Son of God".Even after hearing such punishments, Jesus Christ remained silent and endured all the tortures and insults in silence.  The Roman judge "Pilate" was forced to uphold the priest's trial and sentence.

 It was decided that this traitor would be killed by crucifixion.According to conventional rules, Jesus Christ had to carry his own means of death "cross" on t he field of Golgotha.A thief and a bandit were also brought along with him to be punished. He was stripped of all his clothes, except his loincloth.After Crucified big wirenails were put in the palms of both hands, feet and waist.

A crown of thorns was put on the head. Jesus Christ silently endured that inhumanic pain.He appeared to save sinners, miserable, orphans and to teach them love.He tolerated the foolishness of those sinners with forgiveness in a wonderful glory.Looking up at the sky, he said, "God, they don't know that what are they doing? Forgive them." Jesus was crucified in the morning. As the day wore on, the population began to increase. Mother Mary came running crying in agony.

From noon the sky was covered with dark clouds.  Jesus smiled gently and calmly said, "Father, accept me please."  Then this child of God fell into the lap of death.  He was only 32 years at the time of his death.  Then his dead body was brought down. A Jewish devotee of Jesus Christ took responsibility for burying the dead body.The body of Jesus Christ was laid in a small cave on the mountain and the mouth of the cave was covered with large stones.The guard team started guarding that cave. Some of Jesus' disciples gathered near the cave. 

Suddenly the face of the cave was revealed in a bright light.  It was seen that the cave was open.  Jesus is not inside.After 40 days the crucifixion, Jesus himself appeared to the disciples on the Mount of Galilee. He said,"convey my advice to all people, initiate them.  Those who believe in me will have eternal peace.  I will be among you forever." 

After that he disappeared and went back to the bosom of God the Son and God the Father.The day of Jesus Christ's crucifixion is known as Good Friday. Although the word 'good' is used in the mentioned saying, it is not actually considered 'good' in any part.  Just three days later "Easter day" is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

** Easter Saturday & Easter Sunday:-
Easter Saturday is called Holy Saturday,observed by Christians religions.'Holy Saturday' also known as "Great Sabbath, Hallelujah Saturday, Saturday of the Glory, Sabado de Gloria, and Black Saturday or Easter Eve, and Joyous Saturday".

Holy Saturday is significant because it marks the time when Jesus Christ was buried in the tomb, fulfilling the prophecies of his death and resurrection.The Christian holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Although traditions and religious rituals for Easter vary among communities and around the world, many Christians observe the holiday through church services and prayer.
Easter marks the last day of the Holy Week, which consists of several days that each carry their own significance.

● Commemorating when Jesus entered Jerusalem are  Palm Sunday.
● Commemorating the Last Supper and washing of feet are in Holy Thursday.
● Commemorating Jesus' crucifixion and death is Holy Thursday.
● Commemorating the resurrection of Jesus are in Easter Sunday.

*Date of Easter:- The date of Easter hops around each year–typically between 22nd March and 25th April.
Resurrection Festival or Holy Sunday refers to the annual religious festival celebrated to commemorate the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, from the dead three days after his death by crucifixion.

 Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.It is traditional to eat Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.Easter Sunday falls on a different date each year.  It is traditional to eat lamb on Easter Sunday.Easter Island was discovered on Easter Sunday.

🖋️Written by:-Swati Mukhopadhyay🖋️

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