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What about Mangalik Dasha || Its misconceptions || ways to get rid

"Is the fault of Mars is a blessing or a curse in a person's life?"

According to "Vedic astrology", Mars rules human relationships and mentality.  According to "Nadi Jyotish", Mars represents husband in women's magazine. Mangilak Dosha is formed by "Mangal" i.e. "Kuz". The biggest solution for this is self-control of the individual, control over ego and anger.The effects of different planetary positions are observed in human life.One such Dasha is "Manglik Dasha" - caused by the influence of Mars.

According to astrology, if there is influence of Mars in the 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house of the horoscope, the native or native is said to have Manglik dosha.Manglik Dosha is generally said to cause problems in post-marriage life.Nature and Sun are afflicted in this Dasha.

Being manglik is just a combination.  Mangal Dosha is formed in less than 10 ways and canceled in more than a thousand ways.
There are two types of Mangalik dosha.

In the Kundli in which the Mangal is present in 1st house that means "Marriage house" and 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house that is considered as the General Manglik Horoscope.There are two types of Mngalik Dasha.
1.Dvibal Manglik Horoscope
2.Tribal Manglik Horoscope.

 How to know that a person is manglik?

To check if you are Manglik, Moon chart along with Lagna chart and Mangal dosha should be checked in Venus chart.  If none of the three charts is afflicted by Mars, then the person is considered non-mangika.

■ Sign of Mangalik Dasha:-

More than 50% of the world's population is Manglik.  Does everyone suffer from death, break ups and other problems?Yes, even though 60% of the population is manglik, 90% of them are able to cancel their doshas through various activities even though this dosha is found in very few people.

Manglik dosha causes delay and various obstacles in the native's marriage.  According to Jyotish, if there is Mars in certain rooms of a native's koshti, that native suffers from manglik dosha.  In this case, problems may arise in married life as well.

Characteristics of Manglik Personality:-

Mangalik caste is truthful and harsh in nature.  The native has good fortune in marriage, financial and mental life.  If the bright influence of Mars is used well, these natives can achieve great success.  A Mongolian person's personality discipline is an integral part of their life.  They never rest before finishing what they have started.  Manglik personality bravely tackles any big problem in life without fear.

■ Mangalik wedding:-

According to astrology, if a manglik personality marries another non-manglik personality, the marriage will be full of difficulties and sorrows and may leave the spouse behind.  Marriage of a Manglik personality to another Manglik is a good omen as it automatically ends the Manglik dosha.

■  Benefits of Being a Manglik:-

 Manglik personality is strong,
  Be goal oriented, determined and determined.  Gets success in career though late.They are disciplined and conscientious.
High energy levels can be observed among them.They also have deep insight and possess divine grace.

■ Misconceptions about 'Mangalik Dasha':-

The life of Manglik man or woman after marriage is not happy.They face various problems in their internal relationship and may even lead to divorce.Various types of misconceptions are common among people about this manglik matter.  These ideas often make the life of the person or the native miserable.

  • 1. Allegedly; If the girl is Mangalik, she is first married to a tree, stone or Shiva Linga.This results in denial of guilt.
  • 2. Many people think that Saturn and Mars can never be crossed.
  • 3. It is said that after the age of 27, Manglik Dosha disappears by itself.

All the above concepts are considered wrong.  This idea has no basis in human life.

Mars influences different places in the birth chart:-

  • 1.Position of Mars in first house of birth chart delays marriage.  Bad effects are observed on the body of husband or wife after marriage.
  • 2.The position of Mars in the second house of the birth chart makes the person irritable.  After marriage, disagreements arise on various issues and the normal harmony of the family is disrupted.  Creates discord among family members.
  • 3.Placement of Mars in fourth house of birth chart creates instability, insecurity in person.  May cause financial loss.  As a result of this, disputes in the family may arise.
  • 4.Placement of Mars in the seventh house attracts the bride or groom to extra-marital affairs after marriage.  As a result, there is a possibility of relationship breakup.
  •  5.Placement of Mars in 8th house makes the person autocratic.  As a result, family turmoil became a regular occurrence.  Sudden exposure to any major danger or financial loss.
  • 6.The position of Mars in the twelfth house in the birth chart makes the person violent, turbulent.  As a result of this, business loss, physical illness, mental exhaustion etc. are observed.

■ When manglik dosha is present it does not affect personal life:-

  • 1. If Mars is placed in Leo and Aquarius or if Mars and Venus are conjunct, the birth does not cause manglik dosha.
  • 2. If there is Moon in the house in which the native is Manglik for the position of Mars, there is no Manglik dosha.
  • 3.Manglik dosha does not occur if Mars is conjoined with Jupiter or if Moon is conjoined with Mars.
  • 4. If Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Scorpio are posited at birth then there is no manglik dosha.
  • 5. Even if Venus is placed in the seventh house in the birth house, there is no manglik dosha.
  • 6. Gemini Lagna does not cause manglik dosha other than seventh aspect.
  • 7.  Cancer lagna does not cause manglik dosha in any other way except eighth house.

Ways to get rid of Manglik Dasha:-

  • 1. The simplest method is that if there is a marriage between two Manglik men and women, then both of them get rid of this dasha.
  • 2.  Uses of "Kumbhavibah Ritual"-In this ritual, the Mangalik Jataka or Jatika is married to a banana or pipul tree or an idol of Lord Vishnu.
  • 3.Fasting on every Tuesday and consuming only 'Arah dal' can get rid of this condition.
  • 4.Chanting the "Navagraha mantra"on every Tuesday, doing devotional puja in the Navagraha temple will remove the Mars Dasha.
  • 5. Mangaldev can also be appeased by offering pooja with vermilion and sweets at the "Hanuman temple every Tuesday" along with lighting a ghee lamp.Even if you chant "Gayatri mantra" 108 times every day or recite "Hanuman Chalisa" every day, Mars dasha will be removed. Even if you meditate on Tuesday, Mangaldev will be satisfied.
  •  7. People with Mars dasha are usually astrologically said to possess "blood coral".

Although various remedies are mentioned, my personal opinion is that,this is also scientifically reasonable.  In the vast universe, the rotation of various planets and stars is continuously happening around different constellations and stars.The result of this is "Mangal's Dosha" or "Manglik Dosha".It happens naturally.  There is no personal interference of men or women in this matter.  So one should never create undue fear in this matter.

There is no point in interfering with what God has given.He is directing our entire life.As we enjoy all the good things given by Him, we should also accept it as a part of life and go along with it.As a result there will be no evil and life will be happy with God's blessings.

🖋️Written by Swati Mukhopadhyay🖋️

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