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**Anvasar and Patachitra of Shri Srijagannathdev**

After bathing, Jagannath Dev expressed the feverish situation.We have to look at "Madlapanji" to see why and what is it happening?

Brahma had a conversation with King Indradyumna.The king asked Brahma how he and the numerous devotees of Mahapravu Jagannath  would endure the 15 days disappearance of Jagannath Dev after bathing.How will their pain be eased?

Brahma said that as the ordered of Jagannath Dev  the door of the temple to be closed for these few days.For that, a bamboo sculpture will be built outside the door at that time.After bathing, the image will be covered with a beautiful fine cloth.There will be three cloths on it. Images of three idols - Jagannath, Balaram, Subhadra will be painted on those three cloths.This is Patachitra. Now that Patachitra will take the place of the three idols and stay in the temple.This image is called 'Anvasar' or 'Ansor Pot'.

Pot means 'linen'. Clay, metal, stone, wood, sandalwood, gems, flowers are used to make idols of gods and goddesses.Images are also constructed with them.

In Anavasara Pata, Balarama is depicted as eternal, white in color, with four arms.  Conch, Chakra, Hall and Mushal are caught in it.  Wearing royal robes.

In the second Pata, we see Subhadra as Raj Rajarajeshwari Bhubaneswari Devi.Her complexion is yellow. She is Padmasina here, she also has four arms.Lotus in the upper two hands, (Supernatural weapon and Ankush seen in ancient paintings).Varabhaya mudra in the lower two hands.

On the third pata Jagannathdev is sitting on Padmasana in the form of Vasudeva.Conch, chakra, mace, lotus is in his four hands.The eyes are round.Skin color dark blue, Srivats mark on the chest, Kaustab Moni, garland around the neck.

These pots are worshiped for fifteen days. Brahma said, Jagannath, Balarama, Subhadra  are themselves will reside in these pots.According to Hindu religions, Pot or Ghat is the counterpart of God. It is with this belief that thousands of pilgrims come to Puri temple, perform puja and return with complete peace.

Many of us know that Jagannath-Balram was the adoring deity of the Shabar race.Shabarraj 'Vishwavasu' himself used to worship his 'Nil Madhava'. Nilamadhava gave a dream to King Indradyumna to promote his dalliance.The king sent the Brahmin Vidyapati as an envoy.  But Shabarraj did not want to show Vidyapati the secret place of Nilamadhav.Then he gave a condition that was if Vidyapati married his daughter Lalita, he would find Neelamadhav.

Vidyapati's Brahmin children are one generation.  Another generation is the children of the deceased spouse.Both these generations belong to the deity of the temple, Jagannathdev.  Therefore, they had full authority over all the activities of Jagannath.Jagannath Dev's rituals, food, decorations, customs—all became social-centered.  Patachitrakar was developed among them.This pata that has given shape to the three idols.

"Madlapanjiis the famous book of Odisha,in which all the rules and customs of Jagannathdev's temple are mentioned.One of which is the practice of recruitment.  Which means 'service'.This service is of three types.

1) Painter services.

2) Shaper service.

3) Shrimukhshringari Services.

"Patchitrakars" belong to Painter services.It is known that between Puri and Cuttack there are three other types of painters' houses.  Who are divided into three categories.
 1) Eighteen houses painters-  Those who only make images of Jagannath.

2) Fourteen houses Painters – They only make portraits of Balarama.

 3) Six house painters-They made pictures of Goddess Subhadra.

Among them 18 houses and 14 house artists are said to be blessed by Jagannathdev.  Because after their death, their pyres are lit with the burning wood of the Mahabhoga of Jagannath Dev's temple.

It is said that when Jagannathdev was kept hidden from the devotees for 15 days after his bathing orders,then these painters appeared as his idol.

đź–‹️Written by Saikat Banerjeeđź–‹️

Picture clicked by Saikat Banerjee.

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