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Some words from the life of Shivram Chakraborty, "king of laughter"

-:Don't lose the smile:-

It's a collection of stories of a little boy with some incidents in his life to mark the perfection of humor and  that is today's topic.

The charecter of the little boy was quietly different. He was not like the other normal boys.Suddenly that boy would go out on his own accord.  There was not a penny in the pocket.  Even the boy could have spent a few days elsewhere by train or on foot. He would come back to his mother's affection.His parents did not have much headache about this matter.  They were also somewhat "different". 

 The boy's father, Shiv Prasad, was the adopted son of Chanchar Rajbari. Despite his royal status, he had no indulgences, luxury, or pride.  He liked to be a little self-absorbed. Even in the case of his son, he did not suffer. That is not to say that he was averse to the family.  From within the world, he brought out the small and funny things of the world through humor in his works.  Being so bound from a young age, travel was a kind of addiction for him.  

He found the source of laughter in the colors of the world, birds, trees, rivers, stones.  After reading his works, the readers gave him the title of "King of Laughter". Yes;  This is the man whose name is written in golden letters in the pages of history even today through his humorous works.  He is none other than the king of laughter Shivram Chakraborty ,the birthday of that man on 13th December.

Later he engaged himself in the service of the country and as a result had to go to jail.  Once in Baharampur Jail, he had a very different experience.  He had heard that there were madmen in that prison.  Then he said to the district master, sir, am I totally crazy for sending me to that place.  The jailer said no, there is no such thing, after hearing that Kazi Nazrul Islam is there, he did not hesitate and was very happy.  It is said that he will meet Kazi Saheb.  After that, Kazi Nazrul Islam welcomed him in the jail. Shivram was a curmudgeon. He loved eating and sleeping very much. Then he went there and saw that the jail was full of music and laughter because of the presence of Kazi Nazrul Islam in the jail.

Nazrul Sahib made another rule where he himself took the responsibility of cooking.  This funny man got the taste of "Nabavi Yogalai" from the hands of Nazrul Saheb.  At one place he said, "I was a little skinny and I became almost enormously fat while eating 'Sahib Moghlai' from Kazi Sahib's hands. Now I got out of jail in that condition". 

An incident once happened in the house where he lived.  He went out for a few days and came back to find that the landlord had whitewashed the house.  The owner of the house saw him and said in a tone of pride, "look how much I have done you a favor, you kept the house messy and dirty, I have cleaned the house and whitewashed it."

Hearing this, Shivram Babu says what have you done sir, you have ruined me.The house owner was surprised to hear that. Shivram Babu said," you know how important information was written on that wall such as the name and address of the publishers.  In fact, paper gets damaged and gets lost, but the wall doesn't get damaged, and it won't get lost anywhere."

This was his unprecedented mentality.

In today's machine-driven human world, laughter and fun are gradually disappearing.  Many people are still searching for places where there is a lot of laughter in the hope of having a few laughs.  This man spent his life in the tide of happiness. Likewise, we pray that our lives are filled with humor.  In the future life too, this beautiful life should not be lost under the feet of machine civilization.

🖋️Collected by Swati Mukhopadhyay🖋️

* Picture collected from "Golpo solpo"

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